3rd Party Verification

KVP Consulting Services offers a full range of third party verification services for a complete sales verification solution. We offer the best in both automated and live operator Third Party Verification.

We have been offering the highest quality recordings in the industry, and at the most affordable price. KVP Consulting Services offers TPV services to fit any budget and sales initiative.

Our Operations team works with your staff as needed throughout the day to ensure the results of our high quality third party verifications (TPV) are delivered to you immediately and accurately.

Quality Control: KVP Consulting Services offers Third Party Verification, Verbal Contracts, and Voice Recording Services against a client-specified list of requirements, providing documented quantitative and quantitative feedback.

KVP Consulting Services ensures high quality live agent verifications at Tier 1 service levels-no matter what the size of your requirements are.

Toll Free:1-866-211-8991 or email us at info@kvpconsultingservices.com to know more.