KVP Consultancy Service is a leading B2B lead generator and consultancy service provider. We provide expertise in various business verticals by rendering professional guidance, market-flexible strategies, and updated technology.
Attracting new valuable leads, accelerating growth and customer satisfaction are the key ingredients to our recipe of success. Our principal target is not only delivering high-quality leads but also help businesses in other technicalities including follow up, conversion, and closure.
Our proficiency is not just restricted to one domain but escalate in various services including banking, insurance, real estate, telecommunication and education sectors. Cold calling, customer support, market research, backend support, bookkeeping and R&D are the primary features of KVP Consultancy Service.
The business model followed at KVP is structured in a way to provide flexibility to our clients as per their requirements. To give them a stand above the competition; we continue to study market trends, refine operations and standardize the process.
We use a multi-channel marketing approach.

KVP Marketing Channels

Our Vision/Mission

We at KVP believe in providing prime top notch service. The aim is to provide services which are user-friendly, helpful and profitable. Future beholds new opportunities and we are ready to make sure you grab the best of them.
Innovation and modernization are the foremost challenge and mission for our team. A team of well trained and experienced professionals is available at your necessitate. They bring in global exposure and involvement to give you a universal experience.

Our Strategy

The strategy followed at KVP is simple yet unique; Hot lead, accurate information and personalized touch. The uniqueness is the expertise and proficiency we provide in each of these approaches.
Scheduling quick appointments, great inbound marketing results, and round the clock telecommunication backup are the common testimonials we have received from our clients across the world. We not only provide leads to the businesses but also help them monitor the quantitative possibilities through our extensive database and knowledge centers.

Summarizing the goal of the company one sentence- While others Cash, We Care.

Why Us

  • Market flexible strategy leading to buyers in various markets
  • Your shaft is constantly filled with potential targets.
  • Cut-down sales cycle and improve efficiency .
  • Quick decision making with expert advice.
  • Greater than before conversion rate and deal value.
  • Innovate, Inform and Grow.