Cold Calling

What is Cold Calling?

Cold Calling typically refers to the first outreach to a potential client via telephonic medium. It is often determined as the earliest stage of selling process. Though it sounds effortless, without a proven strategy, it can turn into a nightmare for any business. With a wrong approach, a business not only looses it’s opportunity cost but also let goes future budding, time and resources.

“Did you know? Giants like Uber, Twitter, Amazon, Fortune 500 and other highly successful companies use calling as a key function to capture and convince clients and customers.”

Cold Calling being a prime and novice marketing strategy should not be the only key focus of a business. Therefore to allow the business to expand and cold, experts advice outsourcing this important segment.

Why hire KVP’s professional Team

No potential customers? Dropping Sales? Break-even Revenue? Try to KVP’s cold calling services.

KVP Consulting Services is one among the leading cold calling services companies. With over a decade experience in outsource cold calling, we have an intense and deep-rooted understanding of the market and have successfully managed a number of B2B and B2C telemarketing campaigns.

At KVP, we have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who adhere the ability to convert cold calls into warm leads. Below are the key pointers of our cold calling techniques-

  • By analyzing the market and studying potential customers, our agents target leads.
  • Our services are a result of detailed research, planned scripts and delivered presentations.
  • Our scripts are regularly updated as per clients requirement and customer feedback.
  • The main focus of our team, is to set up appointments and let our clients close deals.
  • The team is regularly upgraded with real-life case scenerios for better understanding and encounter objections.
  • We never pass on clients which do not meet your standard.