Financial Planning

Getting well qualified financial planning leads is difficult, we admit that. Most financial advisors find it tough and laborious to get consistent prospects. Gone are the days, when physical references could just get you clients and boom your revenue. As per Industry experts almost 92.5% of the Tier-2 and above businesses prefer buying well qualified leads online.

One of the main reasons for why your venture is not getting enough leads is strategy. No doubt, there are other approaches available like Cold Calling, Media Ad (Newspaper, Magazine, T.V), Direct approach etc, but they are not as effective and might burn big hole in your pocket.

KVP Consulting Services is a leading platform for lead generation for financial advisors. Here we understand “Knowing what not to do” is equally important to “Knowing what to do”. Adapting a wrong strategy for getting qualified leads for financial advisor will not only hamper your time and money but also slide you down in the competition hierarchy. We do not want that.

We are already working with some of the best certified financial planners at a global level.

Why Is Financial Planning Necessary?

Did you know USA alone consists of 20% of the Baby Boomers? It is reported that by the next decade, atleast 8,000 of them will retire every day. With retirement token, savings and pension money, they will want to invest their money in Real Estate, Insurance, Stock Market, etc.

At the same time, adults will also want to take care of their expenses as well take care of their parent’s finances. Therefore financial planning is not just way to save money but also to increase it.

How does can I get qualified lead for financial advisors

“We do not sell leads, We provide them”

With the help of our top ranking website and other advertising campaigns we capture interest of the leads. Once a prospect, qualifies our checklist and fits acceptable criterion, he/she is asked to provide contact details and preferences.

Once a lead is captured into our network, an intelligence check is run by our team. This helps us re-examine the details provided such as validity of the zip codes with the addresses.

Post final filter, you will have a hot qualified lead ready to be reached out.

The Process

Step-1 Register with Us

The Initial process begins once you register on own platform. The moment you subscribe our service and choose the appropriate plan, our team will contact you for detailed requirement. This is done to understand your demand and stipulation.

Step-2: Commence

Once the basic requirements are provided to us, our database team will start the lead generation program from our network to your CRM system.

Step-3: Leads at your Doorstep (Network)

Leads qualified by our network are transferred to your network. This includes the areas of interest, preferences, and relevant contact information.

Step-4: Ring the Bell

Your warm leads are now ready to turn red-hot!

How will I receive the Leads?

We believe in providing real time leads. This not only increases the conversion rate but also maintains the calling cost because you might be the first one to call them.

Once a lead enters our system and clears a few important checks (to avoid duplicity and false lead), it is straight away sent to your CRM. Also, you will receive a SMS (brief info) and email (detailed Info).

We also offer integration to your CRM to be API friendly.

How are we different?

  • You can receive leads as fast as 24 hrs post registration and documentation.
  • We are flexible and custom made plans as per your requirement.
  • We have a user-friendly API
  • 24*7 Support
  • Refund policy
  • Regular notification and reports
  • If you are looking forward to some of the best financial advisors or best financial planning leads, try us out and make some happy customers and skyrocket sales.Contact Us for a best quote