Insurance Leads

We all know, Insurance Leads are the bread and butter of any insurance agent. Good solid leads increase the conversion ratio which can shoot up sales and increase profits.
KVP consulting services in a leading insurance lead generation company whose prime motive is to provide real time qualified leads. Here real time means you can actually speak to the client within a few minutes of their registration.

The struggle today is not just limited to getting a lead. A tons of websites promise “Best Insurance Leads”. Then how are we different? At KVP, we have followed the mantra of quality over quantity. Our backbone is our top notch search engine marketing team. We offer not just leads but the support system, database access, lead notifications, and much more.

How are we different?

We spend considerable amount of money and time in making sure you get a unique and valid lead. One of our distinguishing features is to ensure that each lead is vended to a different client. This avoids cross-communication, hence, increasing the conversion rate of the prospect.

We are one of the very few online insurance leads seller who send leads on Email, mobile, dialer, CRM or any other LMS of your preference.

We are not a single minded entity we provide insurance leads for agents on-

  • Real Estate
  • House Owners
  • Health/Medicare/Life
  • Commercial (Subject to availability)

Where do we get leads from?

Over the years, we have built a high ranking website which attracts massive traffic. Our SEO team makes sure we rank on relevant keywords and the leads sent to our client are requirement specific.

For example- If you are looking for auto-insurance leads, we only provide you prospects who have similar interests. Selling you a bogus mortgage lead, this will not only decrease the conversion rate but also end up draining your resource. We would never want that.

Once a lead fills up our brief but informative questionnaire, her/his request is captured in our database. A number of algorithms are performed on it. If the query raised meets your demand the details of the prospect are forwarded to your CRM (If you don’t have one, we will provide the same).

How do you filter the junk?

Frankly, we do get a lot of junk leads. These are out-lookers who might not be potentially looking forward buy a lead. Our insurance lead generation program filters out misleading contact details, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. To eliminate spam leads, our dedicated team cross-checks the details provided by the lead with various databases. This includes matching zip code with addresses, verifying IP addresses and phone prefixes.

What’s New?

  • Cross-checked leads
  • Hot Transfers
  • Real Time details
  • Round the clock support team
  • Custom target-filters
  • Regular discounts and generous return policy
  • No minimum contracts
  • Contact Us for a detailed quote.