Quality Check Measures

What is lead qualifying?

Every customer who is inclined towards your product is a lead. Irrespective of the area of interest, leads are crucial for any business to constantly grow. Once a lead is captured it is a raw lead. It can be a person just scrolling through the Internet, practically not a customer.
Lead qualification is important. Acquiring non-qualified/raw leads not only drops your conversion ratio, but also costs you time and money.

Why quality leads?

Lead qualifying is the single most effective tool to covert visitors into customers. For eg- If 100 people like your product, only 20 will be interested in it and eventually only 5 will end up buying it.
We at KVP Consulting Services ensure high quality leads are provided to our clients with a consistent conversion rate. Quality over quantity has been a top priority of our business and our secret mantra for a decade old success.

How do we do?

We proudly own and maintain this top ranking website. Other than this, we also have tie-ups with other trusted networks that we trust upon for multiple order commitments.
The initial step is tracking and recording the lead. Once a lead is captured in our database, it is passed through a series of automated filters. This helps us to fling the junk and unwanted traction. The process is not complete yet.
Our Call Centre Quality Monitoring Program cross-check customer preference and their area of interest. Once verified, the leads are self-executed to your CRM.

Finally, hot-leads are ready for you. Just you.

The below table shows the grouping of the Inbound calls*-

Positive ResponseNo-so positive response
Hot Lead- Interested in BuyingHang ups
Warm Leads- Interested but would like to know moreNo Answer
Existing Clients- Interested in Renewal/New ServiceSpan

*The data is exclusively provided by out calling team.

The quality assurance model followed at KVP ensures customer satisfaction, sales growth and fulfilling statutory requirements. Some of our popular and important services include-

  • Customer Service Audits
  • Compliance Audits
  • Do Not Disturb Verification
  • Quality Monitoring Programs (Inbound/Outbound)
  • Email/Chat Verification