Real Estate Leads

“Real” Real Estate leads by KVP Consulting Services

As per a recent survey by the National Association of Realtors, around 25% of the Americans relocate in a year. With nearly 60 million people looking to move out, we at KVP consulting Services ensure a perfect match for them as well as the realtors. We are a real estate lead generation company functioning at a global level.
We believe that irrespective of the fact that you are a realtor, broker or a property manager, the key success formula is potential leads. We generate over 1000 Real estate leads daily, out of which only 42.6% are valid leads. Therefore before forwarding the leads to our clients we ensure, “What we are selling is buyable”. The belief in quality over quantity has been our success mantra for over a decade now. Surprisingly, it’s still working.

How are we different?

Yes, everybody is selling leads!! We agree. But what they all miss out is the basic difference between a visitor and a lead.
The team at KVP not just passes highly efficient leads, but an effective framework for generating, capturing and monitoring real estate buyer leads and real estate seller leads. Our website has a steady flow of traffic which we aim to provide to our customers post numerous filters.
Customer Satisfaction is a prime feature of our real estate lead generation service. Once a user sign’s up, they are regularly updated about new listings and price variations. This allows the user to not only come back but also spend considerable time with us, increasing the quality of the lead.

Why is it Important to have Us?

What we believe in is, “Why waste time on getting leads when you can use it to sell it”. On main agenda is to save the time, money and efforts of our client which otherwise are channelized in acquiring leads.
Our back-end Lead management system is designed not only to capture leads but also help our clients understand the behavior of the leads. This includes, providing searches performed, recently viewed history, favorites marked, as well as the keywords interested.
The professionals at KVP, also helps you with some powerful tools like Lead Notifications, Email prompts, Prioritization techniques and much more.

What can you expect?

We never sell one lead to multiple agents. Once a lead is shared with multiple agents, it not only reduces the conversion rate but literally kills the lead.
We always have believed in long term relationships. Therefore at KVP we provide exclusive unique leads generated on our top ranking website.

  • Get buyer/seller details including listing framework
  • Direct coordination with your CRM
  • Property viewed and home search criteria
  • Only pay for qualified leads*
  • Round Robin Lead Assignment
  • Idle Lead Reassigning

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