Telemarketing Services

KVP Consulting Services is a One Stop Solution for Your Marketing Need. We offer client specific Telemarketing Solutions for Your Customized Sales Campaign. we do more than just make phones calls. Our commitment is to customized inbound and outbound telemarketing solutions that add value, improve efficiencies, and most importantly, increase sales.

From database cleaning to market research, from lead generation to appointment setting, whether you need an email address checked or a brand new business opportunity created, at KVP Consulting Services we are more than happy to assist.

Good quality telemarketing makes the rest of your marketing spend work harder – driving up conversion rates throughout the sales cycle to levels that simply can’t be matched by any other means.

We provide high quality demand generation services and market research services, working on the basis of complete transparency, minimal setup costs and highly flexible, low risk contracts.

KVP Consulting Services provides lead generation services and account management as well as marketing research, sales and customer service, invoicing and billing, and list building and cleaning.

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